Pulse Markets Quiet

Prairie pulse markets are quiet, amid cautious buyers and reluctant sellers.

“We are in a situation where we have to wait and see,” said Marcos Mosnaim of Mercais Commodities in Toronto. “The market is super quiet right now. At these prices, interest from buyers to take positions is small (and) interest from growers is small as well.”

That has especially been the case for lentils and peas, Mosnaim added.

Prairie pulse prices shot sharply higher about a month ago but have since levelled off and held steady since then. For example, some Green lentil prices jumped as much as 8 cents/lb but have largely flatlined over the past week. Depending on size, Greens are now fetching between 42.5 and 66 cents/lb.

Mosnaim said there has not been much going on the pulse market for about the last three weeks, as buyers simply haven’t been eager to acquire a great deal of product. Conversely, farmers can store pulses in their bins for an extended period, waiting for prices to move higher.

Source: DePutter Publishing Ltd.

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