Rain Boosts Dry Bean Crops

Dry bean crops in all major production regions are continuing to progress nicely, with most areas getting some welcome rain this past week, according to the latest update from Thompsons Ltd.


The dry bean crop in Ontario is looking good with the help of rain this past week. Hot and humid weather this week but expecting things to cool down this weekend.

Various stages through Ontario but the overall majority of the crop is good to excellent. Earlier planted fields are done flowering and filling pods; later planted crops will be done flowering this week. Little to no disease or mould pressure although practices have taken place to prevent these.


Crops seem to be progressing very well in Michigan. USDA reports the Michigan dry bean crop as 54% good to excellent. 82% blooming compared to 66% last week. The USDA also reports the dry bean crop as 46% setting pods compared to 24% last week.


Dry bean crop continuing to mature and develop nicely, with the majority of the crop ranging from good to excellent. Mould and disease prevention practices underway as well as warm temperatures of 25°C for the next couple of days before a drop to 19°C to 20°C at the start of next week. Chances of rain for the next four days, mainly on Saturday and Sunday.


Crops in the general MinnDak area are progressing nicely with rainfall ranging from 0.3 to 1.2 inches in the general dry bean crop area. Temperatures are expected to be in the mid-70s °F with a chance of precipitation on the weekend. Little to no disease or mould pressure as the season continues.

The USDA reports the dry bean crop in North Dakota rated 50% good to excellent. Setting pods was 94%, dropping leaves at 21% well behind 56% last year. Minnesota crop condition was 66% good to excellent, which is an improvement from last week. 90% are reported to be setting pods close to the 93% 5-year average at this time working out to about three days behind the average.

Source: DePutter Publishing Ltd.

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