Soy Condition Still Going Downhill

With harvest fast approaching, the US soybean crop is continuing to go downhill.

Monday’s USDA crop progress report pegged the national soybean crop at 63% good to excellent as of Sunday, down 2 points from a week earlier although still above 54% last year. Meanwhile, 37% of the crop was dropping leaves as of Sunday, up from 20% a week earlier and 6 points ahead of average.

The crop in the two largest production states of Illinois and Iowa actually showed some improvement on the week, with Illinois up 3 points to 71% good to excellent and Iowa up 1 point to 48%. However, the Indiana crop lost a single point to fall to 62% good to excellent and Ohio similarly dropped 1 point on the week to fall 54% good to excellent. Michigan was up 1 point at 62% and North Dakota was steady at 64%.

Crop development remains well advanced in Iowa, where 41% of the crop was dropping leaves as of Sunday, compared to just 20% on average. Indiana was 6 points ahead of average at 39% dropping leaves but Illinois was 8 points behind the state average at 17% dropping leaves.

The Michigan crop was 36% dropping leaves versus 27% on average, while Ohio was running 5 points ahead of the average at 33% dropping leaves. The North Dakota crop was just 1 point off the state average at 57% dropping leaves as of Sunday.

Source: DePutter Publishing Ltd.

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