Study Shows Economic Impact of Cereals 

Canadian-grown wheat, barley, durum, and oats had an estimated total economic impact of $68.8 billion, including more than 370,000 Canadian jobs, and $27 billion in wages.  

Commissioned by Cereals Canada and released Tuesday, the report entitled, The Economic Impact of Wheat, Durum, Barley, and Oats on the Canadian Economy: 2022, highlights the significant economic contribution from the four crops.  

“The cereals value chain is a major contributor to Canada’s success,” said Dean Dias, chief executive officer at Cereals Canada. “The report reinforces the vital role that the Canadian cereals industry plays in Canada’s economy.”   

The report outlines the impact of wheat, barley, durum, and oats on the Canadian economy through crop production, transportation, and processing, and provides both the direct and total revenue, full-time equivalent jobs, and total wages generated by each crop. Averaged over the past three years, the direct economic impact on the Canadian economy was $25.9 billion per year. 

  • The direct economic impact on the Canadian economy from the four cereals averaged $25.9 billion per year.  

  • 141,000 paid full-time equivalent jobs are generated directly by the four crops, in addition to an estimated 28,000 family members who support and are supported by farming operations.  

  • The direct wage impact of the four crops averaged $9.1 billion.  

Factoring in the revenues, jobs, and wages generated both through take-home spending by those whose jobs are tied to the four cereal crops, and through outsourced work undertaken by industries that support the cereal supply chain, the estimated total economic impact was $68.8 billion over the same time period. 

To complete the study, Cereals Canada engaged LMC International, an independent economic consulting firm focused on the agriculture and agribusiness sector. 

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