U.S. Barley, Oat Production Seen Higher

A larger harvested area only partially offset by a lower yield has U.S. barley production poised for a 12% increase this year.

In its first survey-based estimates of the season, the USDA on Thursday estimated the 2019 American barley crop at 170.86 million bu (3.720 million tonnes), compared with last year’s crop of 153.08 million bu (3.333 million tonnes).

Area harvested for grain will be roughly 2.331 million acres, compared with 1.978 million in 2018. The average yield is placed at 73.3 bu/acre, down from 77.4 bu in 2018.

The state with the biggest year-to-year increase is North Dakota. Acreage shot higher and the average yield is expected to be better than last year as well, pushing the state’s barley output to 41.7 million bu after last year’s relatively short crop of 28.5 million bu.

For oats, the production forecast stands at 61.628 million bu or 895,000 tonnes; up about 10%.

Harvested area is forecast at 909,000 acres, up from 865,000 in 2018. Average yield is forecast at 67.8 bu/acre, up from 64.9 last year.

Based on late June conditions the survey pointed to a slightly decline in production in the biggest oat growing state of North Dakota due to a 4 bu/acre yield drop from a year ago.

This was more than offset by a big jump in Iowa, a moderate increase in Minnesota and a small increase in the oat crop in South Dakota. ​​​​​​​

Source: DePutter Publishing Ltd.

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