Weather Network Spring Forecast: Potentially Wet for Ontario; Dry for Prairies

Ontario producers may want to prepare for spring seeding delays, while those in southern Saskatchewan and Manitoba may want to cross their fingers for rain, according to a new seasonal forecast released Monday by the Weather Network.

On the heels of an AccuWeather spring forecast last week that suggested the potential for above-normal spring precipitation, the Weather Network said it also expecting relatively wetter spring conditions for Ontario, even if there is not more than the typical number of actual rainy days. The good news is the Weather Network also believes the risk for widespread flooding is lower than normal in the province this spring due to below normal snowpack across much of the province.

In terms of temperatures, the Weather Network sees a warmer spring for Ontario compared to the past few years.

“We are still at risk for parting shots of winter, and a period of colder weather is expected during mid-spring before more consistent warmth sets in, but we do not expect the colder weather will take over the season as it has during the past few years,” it said.

As for the Prairies, the Weather Network said it expects spring will bring ‘typical amounts’ of rain and snow, helping to alleviate the increasingly dry conditions that are plaguing southern Saskatchewan and Manitoba in particular. However, there is also concern that drought conditions south of the border could become more widespread and impact southern parts of Saskatchewan and Manitoba by the start of the growing season, it added.

At the same time, March will feature a dramatically warmer pattern than February across Saskatchewan and Manitoba with extended periods of warmer than normal temperatures, especially during the first half of the month, the forecast said. But spring is also expected sputter at times, resulting in near normal temperatures across southern areas and across the far north, and slightly cooler than normal temperatures in between.

Alberta is also forecast to see a warmer pattern during March versus February. But there will also be periods of cooler weather that will tip the final numbers for the entire spring to the cool side of normal. Near normal precipitation is expected for most of Alberta, but above normal precipitation is predicted for the central and southern Rockies.

The AccuWeather forecast also raised the possibility of deepening drought in parts of the Prairies this year.

Spring forecast

spring forecast

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