Miravis® Duo for Horticulture Products

A new standard in disease control.

Miravis® Duo fungicide is formulated with ADEPIDYN®, a breakthrough Group 7 fungicide, to provide superior control of early blight and other Alternaria and mildew diseases so your cucurbits and fruiting vegetables are protected.

Simply effective disease protection.

ADEPIDYN® is more active against a broader spectrum of diseases than any other SDHI.

The results speak for themselves.

Photos taken in Windham Centre, ON, on October 2, 2019.

butternut squash field; left treated with Miravis® Duo shows less disease

In field trials, Miravis® Duo out-performed the industry standard, resulting in healthier, higher yielding butternut squash.

Butternut squash leaves showing powdery mildew

Grower’s standard fungicide program.

Butternut squash treated with Miravis® Duo has leaves with less disease than industry standard

Miravis® Duo applied at 400 mL/ac.

ADEPIDYN® is more active against a broader spectrum of diseases than any previous SDHI.

untreated cucumber leaves showing infection
Miravis® Duo
cucumber treated with Miravis® Duo shows no infection

These cryo-scanning electron microscope images show cucumber leaves inoculated with powdery mildew seven days after infection. In the untreated leaf on the left, infection is obvious and sporulation is already occurring. In the treated leaf on the right, the initial spores were killed and the infection did not develop.

Here’s how Miravis® Duo works to control Alternaria solani.