Opportunities for growth are motivating

Caitlyn discusses her career development

Caitlyn BlackIn less than five years, Caitlyn advanced her career at Syngenta from a role in finance to an exciting new position in marketing. She says the opportunities for growth within the organization and the ability to contribute to global food security are truly motivating.

Caitlyn shares her Syngenta experience.

What makes you want to continue working at Syngenta?

The people and the culture are a big part of what has made me stay. I see Syngenta as a place with so much opportunity and so many resources to help you grow and stay motivated. The people you work with truly care about you as a person and want to see you succeed. An employee can find support from their manager and peers to move across functional departments, for example, and to try different roles.

Why would someone want to work at Syngenta?

Aside from growth opportunities, potential employees would find our core company values and ambitions attractive – helping farmers grow the best crop. We strive to do so sustainably and responsibly. It’s not very common to be able to say that the company you work for is striving to help feed the world!

If you could point to one thing that makes Syngenta an employer of choice, what would it be and why?

Every employee has a voice. Our leaders are very transparent and open to talking about anything and everything. On top of that, Syngenta leaders are always striving to improve the lives of their employees, whether it be flexible work arrangements or lifestyle accounts. There’s a lot of comfort in knowing that each employee’s well-being is taken into consideration when making business decisions.

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