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Global Knowledge – Delivered with local expertise

Syngenta Seedcare invests heavily in The Seedcare Institute (SCI) network, setting up facilities around the world to deliver best-in-class customer service.

The SCI network numbers more than a dozen facilities, including three in North America. SCI experts at these sites ensure global Syngenta service standards are met and the Syngenta Seedcare offer is customized to meet local market and customer needs.

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The Canadian Seedcare Institute

The Canadian SCI is located in Plattsville Ontario, at the Syngenta Honeywood Research Facility. The diverse team of experts working here is dedicated to developing products, technologies and solutions to help customers maximize their potential in Canada’s unique agricultural environment.

The Canadian SCI is focused on six key crops: canola, cereals, pulses, soybeans, corn, and potatoes. The regional SCI in Stanton, Minnesota and global SCI in Stein, Switzerland also invests significantly to support Canadian agriculture. Together with the commercial experts within the Seedcare family, the SCI network plays a leading role in bringing the P.A.S. (Products - Application - Services) offer to life.Please contact the SCI to discover how Seedcare goes Beyond Seed Protection.

    A team of local experts

    Meet the local team of scientists and technical experts who are dedicated to enabling the Syngenta Seedcare P.A.S. offer.