Commercial seed treating is a sophisticated, time sensitive business that demands top line performance from your team and equipment. To support these efforts, a team of experts within Syngenta Seedcare and The Canadian Seedcare Institute deliver a suite of tailored services that can help improve your operations and deliver Syngenta’s industry-leading human health and environmental safety programs.

Our most frequently requested services include:

  • Equipment consulting 
  • Recipe development 
  • Training
  • Stewardship programming  
  • Seed safety testing

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    Seedcare seed tags

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    In accordance with Canadian pesticide regulations, all treated seed must be tagged with an official seed tag. Below is a comprehensive list of Syngenta Canada seed tags available to print or order.

    If you have large printing requirements, seed tags are available to print in PDF format for the products listed below. Please call 1-877-964-3682 if you need AODA accessible seed tag pdfs.

    Please choose your product :

    Seedcare seed tag order selector

    At minimum you will receive 1000 tags, or multiples of 1000 tags.
    Please note: your order will be shipped within 7-10 business days(not including transit).

    Please click your seed tag type to complete the form:

    Fan - Fold CFIA Style(5.75” x 2.5”) Regular Size(3.5” x 7”)

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