An update from Syngenta Canada on COVID-19

Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Our top priorities continue to be ensuring the health and well-being of our employees, customers, and communities, as well the continuity of our business operations.

Considering the evolving Coronavirus situation and impact on Canada, Syngenta has made the decision to temporarily close its Guelph and Calgary offices. Our team has the technology to enable work-from-home options and we do not anticipate a disruption to our business operations.

Currently, Syngenta Canada is not experiencing any disruption to materials or supply of products. Our operations around the world are operating normally and without disruption. In addition, it is Syngenta Canada’s practice to be in frequent contact with our retailers to keep them informed of any potential supply challenges.

The office closures began on Monday, March 16, for a three-week period. We will continue to post Syngenta Canada updates regarding COVID-19 implications on our website.

As always, the Syngenta Customer Interaction Centre is available at 1-87-SYNGENTA (1-877-964-3682),, via live chat and @syngentacanada on Twitter.