Sierra 3.0 herbicide registered for use on spring, durum, and winter wheat

Guelph, Ontario, Canada

  • New and improved liquid formulation with built-in safener delivers crop safety, convenience and ease of use
  • Delivers up to 14 days of control of wild oats and green foxtail
Syngenta Canada Inc. is pleased to announce that Sierra® 3.0 herbicide is now registered for use on a wide range of yield-robbing grass and broadleaf weeds in spring, durum, and winter wheat.

Sierra 3.0 contains the active ingredient flucarbazone (Group 2). It can be used for control of grass weeds such as wild oats (including Group 1 and Group 8 resistant biotypes) and green foxtail (including Group 1 and Group 3 resistant biotypes), as well as broadleaf weeds such as redroot pigweed, volunteer canola, and wild mustard.

"Sierra 3.0 herbicide balances power, simplicity and crop safety, thanks to the unique safener technology built into the formulation,” says Jon Habok, Cereal and Non-Selective Herbicide Product Lead with Syngenta Canada. “Research has shown optimal wheat yield is obtained by early removal of target weeds, before they rob a crop of much-needed nutrients. Sierra 3.0 offers a wide application window. It can be applied post-emergence from one leaf up to six total leaves, including plants with one to four leaves on the main stem plus two tillers.”

Sierra 3.0 is readily taken up through target weed foliage and roots. Once inside the plant, it inhibits cell division and prevents new growth. Target weeds metabolize Sierra 3.0 and eventually die.

One application will control multiple flushes of wild oats and green foxtail for up to 14 days.

Habok notes that Sierra 3.0 can be tank-mixed with a number of broadleaf herbicides, offering growers broad spectrum control of annual grasses (including barnyard grass and yellow foxtail) and broadleaf weeds, plus the flexibility to customize herbicide applications on a field-by-field basis.

Sierra 3.0 should be used with a registered non-ionic surfactant such as Agral® 90. Sierra 3.0 will be available for use in the 2018 season. One case of Sierra 3.0 contains four 3.88 L jugs.

​​​​​​​For more information about Sierra 3.0 please visit this page.