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Identify & manage the number one soybean yield limiting factor first

January 17, 2021

To paraphrase and slightly adapt the KISS principle, let’s keep it simple, soybeans. Horst Bohner, soybean specialist with OMAFRA, says that while there are a multitude of factors at play in achieving the top soybean yield...

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Soybean School: Waging war with herbicide-resistant waterhemp

December 21, 2020

Glyphosate-resistant waterhemp was first identified in Ontario in 2014. On this episode of the Soybean School, Dr. Peter Sikkema, weed scientist at University of Guelph’s Ridgetown campus, shares what he’s learned about th...

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Dog strangling vine control with herbicides

December 21, 2020

An invasive perennial weed from the milkweed family, dog strangling vine, is extremely difficult to control once it gets established. This Field Crop News article a summary of observations for the most asked about herbicid...

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Crop rotations in corn back in spotlight

December 12, 2020Read Article

Wheat School: What causes red & yellow wheat?

November 29, 2020

If you’ve been scouting your wheat fields and seeing some strange colours in Ontario, you’re probably not alone, and there may be a pretty simple explanation for it. We’re back in the field for another update with Joanna F...

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Corn School: Managing Bt resistant corn rootworm

November 10, 2020Read Article

Soybean School: Fighting nematodes with Peking resistance

October 31, 2020

When Ontario growers detect high levels of soybean cyst nematodes (SCN) in their soils, sudden death syndrome (SDS) is usually not too far behind. On this episode of the Soybean School, RealAgriculture takes a closer look ...

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Mitigation measures for Bt resistant corn rootworm

October 09, 2020Read Article

Corn School: Tackling tar spot in ON

October 02, 2020

Tar spot has moved through the U.S. Midwest, into Michigan and Wisconsin, and now officially calls Ontario home. Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs’ plant pathologist Albert Tenuta has seen the evidenc...

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Suspected tar spot identified in ON corn field

September 26, 2020Read Article

Scouting guidelines to determine possible rootworm resistance

August 23, 2020

Scouting for corn rootworm injury is important to detect potential resistance to rootworm Bt traits and to plan management options for the next growing season. It is especially important to report any fields showing signs ...

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Continuous corn growers should check fields for rootworm resistance to Bt hybrids

August 23, 2020

High corn rootworm pressure in Ontario in 2020 is challenging current Bt corn rootworm hybrids and several growers of Bt rootworm hybrids are reporting unexpected injury by CRW to trait providers and research and extension...

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Bean leaf beetle pod feeding activity

August 14, 2020

Reports have been coming in about pod feeding from bean leaf beetle (BLB) in IP, food grade and seed soybeans. Read about when control may be warranted from this Field Crop News article.

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