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Corn School: Diplodia leaf streak heading north

JAN 24

On this episode of RealAgriculture’s Corn School, Kiersten Wise tells Bernard Tobin that diplodia is not new to the southern U.S. What has changed is the disease is now moving north and has been identified in Midwest cornf...

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Corn School: Changing weather patterns create pest challenges

DEC 31

Changing weather patterns played havoc with corn planting and harvest in 2019 and they also affected insect cycles and how pests impacted the crop. Find out more on how it impacted western bean cutworm and corn earworm fro...

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Soybean School: Gall midge heading north

DEC 20

A new soybean pest has hit the radar screen, and it could be a threat to soybean growers across Canada. Gall midge was first detected in Nebraska in 2011 and has been heading north. Find out more on the gall midge from Rea...

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Corn School: Distinguishing tar spot from common rust

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Soybean School: Manage soybean cyst nematode to reduce risk of sudden death syndrome

OCT 27

Albert Tenuta, plant pathologist for the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, joins RealAgriculture’s Bern Tobin for this episode of the Soybean School to have a post-harvest discussion on soybean cyst ...

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2019 ON grain corn ear mould & deoxynivalenol (DON) mycotoxin survey

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Soybean School: Managing manganese deficiency

OCT 13

On this episode of RealAgriculture’s Soybean School, AGRIS Co-operative agronomist Dale Cowan explains why manganese is often unavailable in the soil and offers tips on how growers can identify plants and fields suffering ...

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Caution urged after soy disease found in MB

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Diagnosing nutrient deficiencies

SEP 28

Knowing how to identify deficiencies enables you to take corrective action, immediately, if possible, or in the following season. At this year’s Southwest and Eastern Crop Diagnostic Days, Christoph Kessel and Jake Munroe ...

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Researchers discover a way to eliminate almost all DON toxicity in corn

SEP 21

As farmers think back to the challenges of the 2018 growing season, learning to deal with DON is probably top of mind. Indeed, it really was one of, if not THE worst year ever for managing the impacts of deoxynivalenol. Bu...

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Is corn earworm the next field crop pest for ON?

SEP 21

It is August when this article is being written so we do not know what potential impact corn earworm (CEW) could have on our grain corn crop until harvest. Read more on the pest and its potential for damage from this Field...

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Late blight in potatoes detected in Norfolk County

SEP 17

Near the end of August, late blight was detected in one Norfolk county farmer’s potato field within a few Envol plants. Read more on the late blight detection from this Farmtario article.

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