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The Viptera™️ trait is the first vegetative insecticidal protein in corn and is the only trait currently available that effectively controls western bean cutworm. It also protects the crop from key above-ground insects, like corn earworm, cutworm, and armyworm.

The Viptera trait relies on a unique vegetative insecticidal protein (VIP) that binds to a receptor site in the lining of the western bean cutworm’s mid-gut. Because VIP targets this site, rather than the site traditionally targeted by crystal (cry) proteins, Viptera delivers a high dose kill, making it the most effective trait for control of western bean cutworm.

Trait benefits

  • Most effective Bt corn trait for western bean cutworm control with virtually no survival on VIP corn tissue.
  • Some Viptera trait stacks also come with Agrisure E-Z Refuge for automatic refuge compliance right in the bag.

Available trait stacks

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  • Delivers control of 16 damaging above- and below-ground insects, including corn rootworm.
  • Features the market-leading Viptera trait – the only trait currently available that effectively controls western bean cutworm.
  • Always provides a five percent integrated E-Z Refuge.
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  • The most comprehensive above-ground insect control with the convenience of an integrated E‑Z Refuge®️ seed blend.


The Viptera trait delivers the most comprehensive western bean cutworm control in the industry. Western bean cutworm is native to North America and has progressively spread through the Corn Belt. Masses of up to 200 eggs are laid on the plant leaves, so populations can grow quickly. Protect your yield potential.

Comprehensive insect control

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