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Spray Tips Special Edition: Choosing the right water volume

In this episode of Spray Tips Special Edition Real Agriculture the dynamic duo - Tom Wolf of AgriMetrix, and Jason Deveau of the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, break the water volume dilemma into four steps to help sprayer operators figure out what's needed to get the best results.

Soybean School: Late-planted crop playing catch up

It's been a rugged start for Ontario's soybean crop. With cool, wet growing conditions, late planting, insect feeding and soil crusting, many growers find themselves squarely behind the eight ball. Find out more on the struggling soybean crop from this Real Agriculture Soybean School.

Wheat Pete’s Word: Whacky weather, soybean aphids & rootless corn

In 17 power-packed minutes, Peter Johnson laments the arrival of armyworm, soybean aphids and cereal leaf beetle. He also describes how you can fit the roots of 8-leaf rootless corn in your coffee cup. And what's with all that yellow barley? Listen to Wheat Pete's Word at the RealAgriculture link below.

Soybean School: Rolling soybeans could boost yield

When rolling soybeans, timing is important - both the growth stage and time of day. In this episode of RealAgriculture Soybean School, OMAFRA soybean specialist Horst Bohner discusses the concept.

North Dakota Drought Deepening

Drought is intensifying in North Dakota, particularly across the western half of the state which missed out on recent rainfall.


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