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Demand for Ontario Ag Grads Exceeds Supply

Demand for Ontario agricultural graduates currently exceeds the supply, and the gap is only expected to get larger, according to a new study commissioned by the University of Guelph's Ontario Agricultural College (OAC).

Big plans for ON hazelnuts

Both the federal and Ontario governments are betting on the future of the province's fledgling hazelnut industry. Last week, both levels of government announced support for the industry, which plans to have 25,000 acres of hazelnut trees in the province by 2027. Find out more on the support for the industry from this Real Agriculture report.

Alberta Harvest Makes Surprising Strides

Despite less than ideal weather, including heavy, wet snow in the more northern production areas, the Alberta harvest actually made some noteworthy strides this past week.

Pulse Protein Market Growing

The growing pulse protein market is set to expand further, perhaps even opening up new opportunities in Canada, according to an industry official.


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