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Soybean School: One-pass vs. two-pass weed control

Should you spray your soybeans once or twice? In this episode of Real Agriculture Soybean School, OMAFRA weed specialist Mike Cowbrough takes a look at how one-pass and two-pass herbicide systems compare.

South Region Spurs Alberta Harvest

Harvest operations are getting underway across Alberta, with a quicker-than-normal start thanks mainly to the dry South Region.

Knowing your variety helps avoid ‘gnarly barley’

In this Real Agriculture video, OMAFRA weed specialist Mike Cowbrough takes a close look at the spring barley trials at the Elora Research Station and highlights the role variety choice can play in herbicide injury, including distorted awns and heads that contribute to 10 to 20 percent yield losses.

Soybean School: Preventing those yellow patches next year

Most of the yellow patches in soybean fields in Western Canada and the northern U.S. have disappeared as the plants have recovered, or turned necrotic and died, but one of the big questions heading into harvest is: what toll did widespread issues with iron deficiency chlorosis (IDC) earlier in the season take on yields? Find out more on the answer and preventing these yellow spots from this Real Agriculture Soybean School.


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