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miravis® ace for wheat

The only thing better than an ace up your sleeve… is an ace in your field.

Stack the deck in your favour with Miravis® Ace fungicide for spring, winter and durum wheat. Formulated with the unique Group 7 fungicide ADEPIDYN®, Miravis® Ace provides superior Fusarium head blight (FHB) protection and consistent performance you can count on.

Miravis® Ace Playing Card

Outperforms the competition.

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Miravis® Ace Playing Card

Find out how Miravis® Ace helps to improve yield and quality.

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Miravis® Ace Playing Card

A convenient pre-mix that outperforms the competition throughout the application window.

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What we saw in the field.

Miravis® Ace provides preventative and long-lasting protection from all significant Fusarium species, even under hot, humid or wet conditions during head emergence and flowering.

Want to reduce Fusarium damage?

Photos taken in Portage, MB, in 2018.

untreated wheat heads showing quality loss Miravis® Ace wheat heads showing improved quality, greener heads Miravis® Ace protects the crop from infection and loss of grade, reducing the incidence of Fusarium damaged kernels.

Miravis® Ace protects the crop from infection and loss of grade, reducing the incidence of Fusarium damaged kernels.

Want plants that stay healthier longer?

Photo taken in Clinton, ON, on July 19, 2019.

aerial view of wheat field showing improved quality with Miravis® Ace treatment on right half of field
Untreated Miravis® Ace

Miravis® Ace helps your crop do just that, providing power you can see.

Get the facts on Fusarium

Want consistent performance?

Miravis® Ace outperforms the competitor 77% of the time

1 Miravis® Ace performed as good as or better than Prosaro®/Prosaro® XTR in terms of DON suppression in 36 of 47 trials. Prosaro® was used in 2017. Prosaro® XTR was used in 2018. For the purposes of these trials, Prosaro® plus an adjuvant and Prosaro® XTR performance in the field were judged to be equivalent.

Source: Syngenta small plot research in AB, SK and MB, conducted in 2017 and 2018. N = 47.

A more profitable harvest is in the cards.

A yield bump in Western Canada…

In research authorizations, Miravis® Ace delivered an average yield increase of 2.5 bu/ac in 2018, and 2.6 bu/ac in 2019 against competitors.

Source: Miravis® Ace research authorizations conducted in AB, SK and MB in 2018 and 2019. Includes aggregate yield data from the following fungicide products: Acapela®, Caramba® , Folicur® , and Prosaro®.

…And Eastern Canada too!

In small plot trials, Miravis® Ace applied at BBCH 57 out-yielded Prosaro® XTR by 19.8 bu/ac. When applied at BBCH 65, Miravis® Ace out-yielded Prosaro® XTR by 20.7 bu/ac.

Source: Syngenta small plot research conducted in Plattsville, ON. Application on July 11, 2019, between BBCH 57 and 65. N = 4.

The letters “a,” “b,” “c,” “d” and “e” refer to statistical differences between treatments. If the letters are the same, there are no statistical differences between treatments. If the letters are different, there are statistical differences between treatments. (Tukey’s LSD, P = 0.05)

Get more consistent performance throughout the application window.

Miravis® Ace provides a higher level of consistency than the competition throughout the labelled application window. That means you have the flexibility to spray on your schedule.

Day 0:

Earliest stage of the application window.

Day +2:

Flowering begins with tallow anthers in the middle of the heads. Perfect timing!

Day +2-5:

Stop spraying when 50% of the heads on the main stems are in flower.

Day +5:

Anthers turn white and dry up when flowering is complete. Too late!

Field Experience
Randy Chevalier of Setterington’s Fertilizer Service
“I definitely would recommend Miravis® Ace. When we walked the plots with the Syngenta reps and they were pointing out the difference while we were hand shelling wheat heads, the difference between the treated zone and the untreated zone was phenomenal.” -Randy Chevalier, Setterington’s Fertilizer Service, Leamington, ON
Mark Davis of Hay Bay Genetics Inc.
“With Miravis® Ace we had a lot clearer, brighter straw. In our 50 acre plot we saw a low of 6 and a high of a 9 bushel yield increase.” -Mark Davis, Hay Bay Genetics Inc, Napanee, ON
Katherina Dietrich of Stratford, Ontario
“We used Miravis® Ace from Syngenta on our wheat this summer. We noticed a 3 to 5 bushel yield increase. We noticed the wheat was cleaner and healthier in the end with less rust and we look forward to using this product again in the future.” -Katherina Dietrich, W Charlot Grains Farm, Stratford, ON

Application matters

Miravis® Ace is available as a convenient pre-mix.

Doug Baumann, Formulations and Applications Technology Manager, shares tips to help you get the most out of a Miravis® Ace application.