Miravis® Prime for Grapes

Performance with more power.

Miravis® Prime fungicide offers grape growers a new level of control and confidence to battle powdery mildew and Botrytis.

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What we saw in the field.

Miravis® Prime helps reduce disease incidence and severity in vineyards.

grapes on vine showing powdery mildew grapes on vine treated with Miravis® Prime show less powdery mildew

Miravis® Prime provides excellent efficacy against powdery mildew.

grapes on vine showing Botrytis grapes on vine treated with Miravis® Prime show less Botrytis

Miravis® Prime provides Botrytis control you can count on to help protect yield and quality.

An easy addition to an existing program.

Miravis® Prime combines the powerful new ADEPIDYN® molecule with an alternate Group 12 mode of action for built-in resistance management. It also offers a convenient application window that empowers you to respond to conditions on your farm.

Application timing

grape growing stage 1

Bud Break

grape growing stage 2

Shoot Development

grape growing stage 3

Trace Bloom / 80% capfall

grape growing stage 4

Post Bloom / Early Fruit Set

grape growing stage 5

Berry Touch / Cluster Closure

grape growing stage 6


grape growing stage 7



For control of powdery mildew and Botrytis in grapes, apply Miravis® Prime at 80% capfall. One additional application may be made no sooner than 21 days later, at berry touch, veraison or pre-harvest.

Learn how Miravis® Prime delivers long-lasting control of Botrytis.

ADEPIDYN® is the most potent SDHI for control of Botrytis cinerea.

Rate (nM) needed for 50% inhibition of the target enzyme succinate dehydrogenase

Source: Global Syngenta research.