Miravis® Prime for Grapes

Performance with more power.

Miravis® Prime fungicide offers grape growers a new level of control and confidence to battle Botrytis.

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What we saw in the field.

Miravis® Prime helps reduce disease incidence and severity in vineyards.

grapes on vine showing Botrytis grapes on vine treated with Miravis® Prime show less Botrytis

Miravis® Prime provides Botrytis control you can count on to help protect yield and quality.

untreated grapes show reduced yield due to disease treated grapes show improved yield due to less disease

Miravis® Prime protects quality of yield, so growers can sell what they harvest.

An easy addition to an existing program.

Miravis® Prime combines the powerful new ADEPIDYN® molecule with an alternate Group 12 mode of action for built-in resistance management. It also offers a convenient application window that empowers you to respond to conditions on your farm.

Application timing

grape growing stage 1

Bud Break

grape growing stage 2

Shoot Development

grape growing stage 3


grape growing stage 4

Post Bloom / Early Fruit Set

grape growing stage 5

Berry Touch / Cluster Closure

grape growing stage 6


grape growing stage 7



Miravis® Prime can be applied from bud break through veraison, giving growers the flexibility to make a first application at early bloom and a second, subsequent application if conditions favour Botrytis development later in the season.

Learn how Miravis® Prime delivers long-lasting control of Botrytis.

ADEPIDYN® is the most potent SDHI for control of Botrytis cinerea.

Rate (nM) needed for 50% inhibition of the target enzyme succinate dehydrogenase

Source: Global Syngenta research.