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Miravis® Neo for Corn

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Innovative disease control for corn.

Miravis® Neo fungicide is proof that you can catch lightning in a bottle. Formulated with three modes of action, including the unique Group 7 fungicide ADEPIDYN®, Miravis® Neo provides unmistakably powerful protection against the broadest range of corn diseases.

Strike a balance between yield and quality.

Miravis® Neo lets you manage for yield and quality without compromise. Harnessing the power of its three active ingredients can help end the season with a higher-yielding, healthier crop.

Miravis® Neo suppresses Gibberella to preserve quality…

Source: 2018 Syngenta research trials and University of Guelph small plot and field scale trials conducted by Art Schaafsma. N = 40.

…And helps improve yields.

Source: Syngenta small plot research conducted in Plattsville, Bright, and Thamesville, ON, in 2019. N = 16.

The broadest range of foliar diseases.

Miravis® Neo provides protection you can count on, whether conditions favour Fusarium and Gibberella ear rots or leaf diseases.

Corn ear showing kernels with white or grayish mould

Fusarium ear rot.

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Corn ear with pinkish mould beginning at cob tip typical of Gibberella ear rot

Gibberella ear rot.

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Northern corn leaf blight lesion on corn leaf

Northern corn leaf blight.

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Miravis® Neo provides preventative, early curative and long-lasting protection from:

Miravis® Neo protects against more diseases than any other corn fungicide.

A difference you can see

Miravis® Neo helps preserve green tissue longer than the competition for improved yield.

See the difference for yourself.

Photos taken in Thamesville, ON, on Sept. 28, 2018, 47 days after fungicide application.

corn leaves of crop treated with Stratego showing lesions

Stratego® Pro at 0.23 L/ac at tassel.

corn leaves of crop treated with Stratego showing lesions

Headline® AMP at 0.4 L/ac at tassel.

 Miravis® Neo treated corn leaves showing least number of lesions compared to competitors

Miravis® Neo at 0.4 L/ac at tassel.

What makes Miravis® Neo the easy to use option?

Miravis® Neo is available as an easy-to-use pre-mix, can be tank-mixed with a variety of insecticides and fertilizers, and has a common rate for control of northern corn leaf blight and suppression of Fusarium and Gibberella ear rots.

Doug Baumann, Formulations and Applications Technology Manager, shares tips to help you get the most out of a Miravis® Neo application.

Application matters.

corn plant showing ears

R1 is the best time to apply a fungicide for Fusarium.

spray paper near cob

For optimum protection, Miravis® Neo should be applied within seven days of the start of R1.

spray paper showing penetration of crop with proper application methods

Miravis® Neo delivers the best results when applied at a spray volume of 200 L/ha using the finest air inducted spray from a single fan nozzle.

Field Experience
Nick Lenos, Lenos Custom Farming
“We had an on-farm trial that we monitored with aerial imagery. We saw that the corn looked fairly even from the early spring through to fungicide application timing. But when we took the corn trial to yield, we were upwards of a 20-bushel difference with Miravis® Neo. It worked well for us.” -Nick Lenos, Lenos Custom Farming, Waterford, ON
Jesse Kloepfer, Lola May Farms
“Miravis® Neo was the leading option for us in DON reduction for corn so we thought we would give it a try and we saw a yield advantage. The small plots we had were 9 to 10 bushels over check.” -Jesse Kloepfer, Lola May Farms, Harley, ON