Miravis® Bold

From the field...

Miravis® Bold performs consistently even under heavy Sclerotinia pressure to help maximize yield in the face of this destructive canola disease. Explore the evidence below to discover the difference for yourself!

Highlights from the first year of Miravis® fungicide in Canada

Thank you for helping us make the first year of Miravis® fungicides a great one!

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Higher yields at harvest.
1.35 bu/ac
average increase

In a series of field-scale trials, Miravis® Bold outperformed the competition with an average yield increase of 1.35 bu/ac.

Source: Syngenta research authorization trials conducted 2018-2019 and validation trials in 2020. Includes yield data from the following competitor products: Cotegra®, Delaro®, Lance®, Proline® and Rovral®. N = 49. See the data
Introducing Miravis® Bold fungicide for canola

What's behind boldness? Confidence. New Miravis® Bold fungicide from Syngenta offers excellent Sclerotinia protection. It also lets you get an earlier start on spraying so you can protect more acres.

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Bigger and bolder disease protection.
Photo taken in Rycroft, AB, in September 2019.
A photo of a field strip treated with Miravis® Bold.
Competitor Untreated Miravis® Bold

Miravis® Bold is more active and potent on Sclerotinia stem rot than current solutions on the market.

Miravis® Bold outperformed the competitor
of the time.

We put Miravis® Bold up against Proline® in a series of head-to-head small plot trials. Miravis® Bold won in approximately 80 percent of the trials.

Source: Syngenta small plot trials conducted across Western Canada from 2014 to 2018. N = 31. See the data
Tips for applying Miravis® Bold fungicide in canola

In this video, you can learn the importance of adjuvant, spray volume, boom height, sprayer speed and small spray shadows for protecting canola petals, leaf bases, axils and stems against Sclerotinia.

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Flexibility with a longer application window. Minimum
of check

Miravis® Bold lets growers start protecting their canola acres earlier and helps deliver a yield advantage throughout the labelled application window. Applied at BBCH 61, 63 and 65, Miravis® Bold outyielded the check by 120-135%!

Source: Syngenta small plot trials in Portage la Prairie, MB, 2018. N=2. See the data
Seeing is believing.
Photo taken in Hawk Hills, AB, on August 30, 2020.
A photo of a field; right side treated with Miravis® Bold.
Untreated Miravis® Bold

Half of this field was treated with Miravis® Bold. On the untreated half, you can see yellowing due to Sclerotinia.

Crop suffers less Sclerotinia damage.
Photos taken in Portage la Prairie, MB, in July 2016.
Miravis® Bold treated canola. Miravis® Bold
Untreated canola showing Sclerotinia Untreated

Miravis® Bold protects the crop from Sclerotinia pressure.

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