Soy Masters supports thousands of growers pursuing soybean excellence

Guelph, Ontario, Canada

The Soy Masters by Syngenta regional websites have provided almost 30,000 unique visitors with information to help soybean producers hone their production skills and improve their agronomic knowledge.

Soy Masters launched in Eastern Canada in the fall of 2017 and in Western Canada early in 2018 with the aim of distributing valuable agronomic information to help soybean producers grow their best crop. Since launching, Soy Masters has served up more than 125 articles, blog posts and videos developed with the distinct needs of these two audiences in mind.

“Soy Masters brings together soybean information and expertise from all relevant areas of production to help growers move the needle on yields,” says Bryce Rampton, Product Development Agronomist based in Morden, Manitoba. “Whether you are a new grower looking to build a solid foundation for your first crop or a veteran grower looking to fine-tune production practices, we can work to unlock more of the genetic potential that we know exists in soybeans.”

Visitors primarily turn to Soy Masters for deep, instructional content that helps them produce higher yields. In Eastern Canada, the most popular content includes: “Do planters or drills fit your farm best?,” “Managing beans on beans,” and “Moving beyond the hula hoop to count stands.” Top-performing content in Western Canada includes: “Air seeders versus planters – which should you use?,” “Where do soybeans fit in your crop rotation?” and “You can grow 60- bushel soybeans.”

“Soy Masters is providing resources to all farmers to help them grow the best soybean crop they can,” says Marijke Van Andel, Agronomic Sales Representative for the Great Lakes District of Ontario. “One of these tools is our soybean population matrix, which helps farmers dial in the right population for each field they farm. Optimizing your soybean population can help increase profitability, either by reducing seed costs or increasing yields.”

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